I correct a bill on the major device, and after a while it returns to its previous state.

This is because as you edit a bill which is still exits on the pos-device.

Can you remotely remove the bill from the pos-device?

Yes - it is possible.

After a bill will appear in the major device - you can remove it and at the next sync with pos device the bill will be removed. 

Under "remove" - means exactly removing the bill, and not its "сancel".

How to run sync manually?

you can just press the menu item "SYNC".

How often do sync?

When you run the application on the major device - sync is revives itself.

Can I activate multiple devices for the same point of sale?

You can activate any number of pos-device for one point of sale.

How to activate a POS-device?

Activation procedure of POS-device:

Why do we need mode "Multi-devices"?

This mode can be used if you have remote points of sale.

Under remote point of sale - let understood that shop, kiosk or sales agent.

Using this mode, you can quickly activate the "POS-device" and the whole sale's items and settings will be updated in this device.

In app purchases

How many times to buy additional features?

Additional features purchased only once, and can be are activated on any number of your devices.

Can buy twice the same feature?

If you use the same apple ID, then no.

How to restore function in app purchased?

You can restore all bought one click function - for this you just click on the "restore all purchases"

It is also possible to restore purchase separately.

Necessary to restore on each device purchased features?

You can restore all purchased features on each device.

I have one shop , can I use one iPad to work with the system iSOK Store?

 What does «POS» device mean?

These devices will work mainly on your remote sellers outlets.

On these devices is not possible to change the global system settings.

And performed fixation sales and cash operations.

What does it mean the «MAJOR» devices?

In the System should always be one "MAJOR" device. Only for this device, you can configure the basic parameters of the system (sale's items, user, etc.)

What does it mean the «single devices»?

If you have one retail outlet you need only one device to configure the system for fixing sales.

Нow to start working with the system?

The first step in configuring devices is initialized through the configuration wizard as "MAIN" device.

Can I replace the logo and the name of the trading network, if I forget to do it at initialization of the system?

Yes, this is possible through system setup.

How to enter your password?

As a password system uses a graphical key. 

Graphical key presented in as buttons 3 on 3 consecutive pressing of any of the buttons to create a password.

Sequence of clicks is important, different order press of button will produce different passwords.

Allowed to a few clicks on the same button graphic key - this complication password at the same visualization on the screen.

No specifics when choosing appropriate specificity what should i do?

Choose specificity is not required.

If you do not have appropriate specifics you always can create a comfortable setting range you in the system.

What is the specificity of work?

Specificity of work - is a set of pre-configured classifiers that will simplify setup assortments for sale in a system.

How to make the initial setup of system?

When you first start the system turns on the initial master system initialization.

This master has a detailed description of each step. cialis drug

 Users and access rights

Can I delete a user?

No, you can make it inactive and then the user can not log into the system.

Seller will work in several outlets i have to create for each individual user store?

No, you only need to create one user and determine where he will work.

What does mean the role of the user?

Role in the system it is to configure access rights. If you do not want to set permissions for each individual user - you are need to create a role, for example the "Seller" and assign it to each seller in your system. 

Can I filter sale's items for some featured?