We deliver comprehensive solutions for stores of various branches, petrol stations and cafeterias, that include the POS system, back office support, handling of promotions and loyalty programs, and integrated support for EFT. Our solutions are used in both the smallest locations, such as kiosks and convenience stores, as well as in the biggest hypermarkets.

Business solutions

Drugstores and perfumeries


Gas stations

Home electronics stores

Other types of points of sale

Online stores (e-Commerce) - click and collect solutions

Front and Back Office systems for a store


Front and Back Office systems for a store

Front Office and POS

Back Office system

Sales support

Label print management

Self-payment and cash management

Customer counting

Store chain business management


Store chain business management

Management of assortment, prices and promotions

Supplier contracts management

Direct deliveries central control and clearing


Online central reporting

Users management


Hardware and software management

Hardware management

Software management

Price checkers management

Customer monitors management

Defining the picture menu for POS

Control panels and alerts

Transferring messages to stores


Promotions and loyalty

 Bonus buy promotions

Loyalty vouchers

Customer card based solutions

Customers segmentation and personalized marketing

Integration with external loyalty systems


Mobile solutions

Mobile store operation using portable data terminals

Smartphone application for customers

Mobile POS


EFT solutions

Handling card payments

Private label credit cards solutions

Gift cards

Mobile payments

Other electronic products


Communication with customers

Price checkers/customer communication devices

Interactive checkout customer displays

Digital signage

Software products